Chernivtsi National University

Chernivtsi National University

Chernivtsi National University, one of the leading higher educational institutions in Ukraine, was founded on the 4-th of October, 1875. The overwhelming majority of Co-Force Solutions employees graduated from this higher institution where they had obtained professions of Linguists, Translators, Accountants, Managers of various business fields. When working with our company You can count on[…]

The Dividends of Co-Sourcing

The long-term nature of co-sourcing relationships makes it imperative for both the client and the service provider to partner with true synergies in mind. Co-sourcing also provides stability for both the client and the provider. The relationship allows issues to be tackled in a holistic manner with a longer-term perspective than is the case when[…]

Co-Sourcing vs. Outsourcing

Co-sourcing is a partnership in which the asset manager and service provider collaborate to create workgroups that provide customized support across various business functions. Support is delivered as a service over an extended period of time, typically 3-5 years. These workgroups can be located at the client’s site, remotely or both, depending on the type[…]


5 Reasons to Consider Co-Sourcing

Driving down costs through traditional outsourcing of back-office functions has long been a widely adopted solution on both the sell side and the buy side. For purposes of control and independence, however, buy-side firms resisted adopting enterprise-wide outsourcing as a viable option for managing growth. Today, in an environment defined by risk management and regulatory[…]

Co-Sourcing Has Firms Re-Thinking Outsourcing Models

The co-sourcing model is gaining traction in firms looking to scale front and middle office. Co-sourcing is the practice of collaborating with dedicated staff from a service provider to subsidize the firm’s front and middle office responsibilities. The model blurs the line between partnering and outsourcing, and it’s gaining traction in the financial service space.[…]

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We Are Hiring!

Dear Job Seekers! Co-Force Solutions is glad to announce the start of the pre-hiring process for positions of Virtual Administrators. NOTE: Co-Force Solutions is a company that operates in a newly-emerging field of business process co-sourcing. We provide high quality data entry and processing, telemarketing and administrative services to the US and British companies.[…]