October 10, 2015

Personal VA

VA-200-200Personal Virtual Assistant/Administrator is a highly skilled professional who works virtually or remotely for a certain client or a company.  Nowadays this concept of business services provision is becoming more and more popular, with individuals and large companies searching the workforce market in order to find the right people to offshore their tasks to.

If your hands are full and you need someone to perform routinely work like preparing mailings, email newsletters, voicemail and email management, invoicing then you should consider hiring a Virtual Administrator or even a team of VAs to help you with daily business tasks.
Business co-sourcing allows companies and individuals to hire highly educated and skilled professionals to complete daily administrative tasks. The information flow could be easily transferred to a Virtual Administrator or a virtual team who will perform a variety of tasks on Your behalf.





  • Personal Assistant
  • Internet Research Assistant
  • Virtual Employee
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Entry Assistant
  • Data Cleansing and Validation
  • Virtual Secretary Services
  • Basic Statistical Analysis